In Violino Veritas
In Violino Veritas
In Violino Veritas


InViolinoVeritas-ElizabethBoudjema c

01 – Time (05′ 24)
02 – Hommage (05′ 37)
03 – Cosmopolitan Jungle (06′ 59)
04 – Incursión berberisca (05′ 10)
05 – Indigo one (06′ 45)
06 – On the air (06′ 36)
07 – En attendant Poulenc (06′ 40)
08 – Naï Yaouna (05′ 26)
09 – Mira Gestorum (05′ 48)
10 – Divertimento (06′ 33)
11 – Circus Parade (05′ 10)
12 – Metropol (05′ 09)


To obtain the full version of the tracks (stage version), please contact Elizabeth Boudjema at the following e-mail address:
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Warm tones, guitar pizzicati, vocal and instrumental percussion are just some of the ingredients in Elizabeth Boudjema’s one-woman show.

This exploratory journey offers an unusual approach to the violin, with the help of Théodore, a violin tuned to the lower octave, and Gustave, a classically tuned violin.




is tuned to the lower octave.
It can be considered as a tenor violin.
It is amplified with the « Olivier Pont » pick-up.


was born around 1830 in the workshop of François Breton, a luthier in Mirecourt.
It is amplified for the occasion with the « Fire & Stone » electric pick-up.


is Roland’s RC 30 loop station. (Dual track looper) 




MICRO Shure SM 58!

Here it’with its faithful
and irreplaceable friend COSMOS!


is part of the Brute IV series of polytone amps.
A great classic!



After studying at the Bordeaux Conservatoire, ÉLIZABETH BOUDJEMA turned to jazz and improvisation, while complementing her classical studies with the study of music writing.


Elizabeth Boudjema’s performance can be presented in all kinds of venues: cultural centres, café-concerts, festivals, schools, private concerts, etc. and lasts approximately 50 minutes. (The concert can be extended to 1h30 if the need arises).

As the artist performs alone on stage, simple amplification may suffice for smaller venues.

When the venue is large enough and the audience is bigger, the following equipment should be provided:

Sound system:

1 mixer (4 inputs)
1 stage monitor
1 microphone stand
1 DI


1 chair
lights at the organiser’s discretion

For all enquiries, please contact the artist directly using the contact form at the bottom of this page.


After graduating from the Conservatoire National de Région de Bordeaux, Elizabeth Boudjema turned to jazz and improvisation, specialising in the professional cycle at the CIM (Centre Informations Musicales) in Paris.

At the same time, she continued her training in music composition at the Conservatoire Hector Berlioz in Paris.

Over a long period, she performed on stage with a host of artists including Arthur H, Joseph Racaille, Lucide Beausonge, Roberto Sironi, Dora Lou, Rido Bayonne, Charles Ewangé and Chantal Grimm.

At the same time, she has taken part in jazz recordings with Didier Lockwood, Didier Levallet, Thierry Maillard… and variety recordings with Juliette, Vincent Delerme, Arthur H, Thomas Fersen, Dick Annegarn, Princess Erika... as well as numerous albums of text-based songs with Roberto Sironi, Joseph Racaille, Chantal Grimm, Gabriel Yacoub…
Elizabeth Boudjema has also recorded with Manu Dibango, Ismaël Lo and Rido Bayonne for albums of African music, and Joseph Racaille for Philippe Découfflé‘s ballet music.
She has also taken part in various television programmes with François Feldman, Stéphane Eicher and Joseph Racaille…

Elizabeth Boudjema has also worked as a reviser for Sacem. (Société des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Editeurs de Musique) and has toured with Roberto Sironi in concert throughout Europe for over fifteen years.


Elizabeth Boudjema can be contacted at the following e-mail address:
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